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Television has become one of the most necessary machines in everyone’s life. It becomes one of the most
entertainments providing the machine and peOpIe use this machine to make themselves entertain by watching
their favorite channels and movies whenever they want. The programs and channels launched by various
states and then private service providers distribute these channels through their service among the common
people. Now it also becomes possible to enjoy Cccam server full HD services because of the advanced form
of technology. These days there is a huge requirement of HD channels among the people and because of this
huge demand, all most all the subscriber channels are providing this. Cardsharing server or CCcam Servers
are not very familiar terms or not very popular words known among maximum people. In fact, many people
don’t have any clear idea about these terms and their functions. However, this system gains much popularity
day by day in recent times due to certain facility people can enjoy through this card sharing technology- This
is such technology through which one person can share a single package of digital television channels with
others by only one payment card. It can also describe in other words as control of word sharing. In this
process, one can share hisfher subscription with multiple clients or receivers through obtaining the satellite
signal that is also very user-friendly. Although this process may be treated as illegal in some countries where
the subscription to certain channels is restricted, but this technology gains much popularity nowadays as it
allows several users enjoy their favorite programs with a single card.

cccam server

This technology is using modern electronics and application to be able to provide you with a top quality
service. The electronics you will have to get is known as CCcam Dreambox and it’s driven by some instance
of Linux operating system. The software you will require is sharing protocol called CCcam, which is
responsible for establishing a reference to the CCcam server. All that will appear a little bit puzzling in the
beginning, but be confident that everything is certainly quite easy, especially once you set Up the complete

The equipment you will need – CCcam Dreambox

You will start the process of establishing your personal CCcam process by buying proper equipment. There
are always a lot of different satellite products out there; however, you will be best off with one of many
CCcam Dreambox boxes. This can be an electronic satellite phone that supplies support through IP channels.
The Dreambox is not getting knowledge right from the satellite. As an alternative, they are communicating by
way of a CCcam server, that is the initial loop of satellite subscription and is certainly the main one talking
with the satellite servers. When selecting a Dreambox, it is very important to focus on its characteristic.
Although a lot of them aren’t especially costly, it is essential to select the one with stable efficiency and
respectable price. Some aspects, like the processor’s pace, movie decoding and movie parameters are the
things you should examine before purchasing.

CCcam – speaking PC software

To be able to run your CCcam Dreambox properly, you will generally require a belonging set of software. You
will get the majority of the necessary computer software along with your Dreambox. This may largely rely on
where you are buying the electronics or service. Some service suppliers may present you with everything
that’s needed to setup a connection to their CCcam server. However, if you get your components separately,
you will have to pay particular focus on each individual segment. Picking compatible software is very
important, so you’ve to choose cautiously which CCcam sharing method you need to go along with your

Conversation with CCcam server

We concluded that in order to set up a connection with a CCcam host, you will need a CCcam Dreambox and
appropriate software that goes along with it. While speaking with the recipient, the server locks the picture by
encrypting information (this serves as an easy way of protection). That happens approximately every two to
five seconds. Now, the recipient is calling the server for decryption keys and the CCcam PC software is
usually the one applying those secrets to discover that photograph for the consumer to watch.

Card sharing server or innovation of CCcam server technology can be considered as the most recent and
latest development of the satellite television world. This technology is particularly very useful for those
countries where subscriptions of many different channels are restricted. In recent times, many service
provider firms come ahead with this latest technology to make it easy for users to acquire streaming of
different users. Besides, it also facilitates to those houses too which have more than one television sets.

The relation between Cardsharing Server and CCcam Server:

People who are not familiar with this latest technology of satellite television often get confused about these
two terms i.e. card sharing server and CCcam server. In simple word, card sharing is actually the whole
process where one subscription card is shared with many receivers or clients, and CCcam is actually a part of
this entire process. So, one shouldn’t get messed or mixed up this two terms with each other and to get much
clear idea and to learn the process to get all the benefits from it, let’s get a clear idea below about how the
Cardsharing Server actually works;

How Cardsharing Server Works

In this technological process, there should have at least two different users having receiver machines and
those machines must be capable of connecting through Ethernet connections that can enable them to
communicate with each other. Among the two users or can be called as receivers, one should have the
satellite card and the receiver machine which hold the card in the slot is known as server or host. So in the
practical description, the receiver that holds the subscription card played the role of card sharing server.

In the card sharing process, the other receiver which may be in other room or may be a thousand miles away
from the card sharing server host location can access the smart card through local area network or the
Internet for the channels that are allowed on that card. So, it can be said that it’s not only the card sharing,
but it is some process where a user can use a card that is not plugged in hisfher receiver’s slot.